Creative Genesis Mentor Deck

Where kids create, write, and learn cause it’s fun.

Creative Genesis is an extracurricular program which cultivates young creators, writers and storytellers through mentorships, workshops and community.

Creative Genesis offers bespoke weekly writing sessions, mentorships and a thriving community of young writers to develop creative thinking, writing skills, and imagination for kids ages 10 to 16.

What do our members say...

Moira Hanna

Brianne, at Creative Genesis, has been a true gift to our family. Our son went from being an unenthusiastic writer to getting ready for class 30 minutes early. He is learning more flexible thinking, has a creative outlet for his ideas, and has improved his writing. The students with whom he interacts are supportive and kind.


It's a fun place where you can be as a creative as you want. You can do anything. You can write. Read. Learn. So much!


I’d describe it a bit like a writing club, but you can collaborate and write with someone else. Or write on your own. You can write stories or novels. You can work on a riddle or play. And it's lots of fun!

    Our writers see these benefits

    Imagination And Creativity

    Creative writing encourages and develops imagination and creativity. It improves their ability to develop alternative solutions and broadens their thought processes. This also improves their problem-solving and analysis.


    Writing is a tool that allows us to compartmentalizing and contextualize complex real-world, personal and intrapersonal issues, emotions, and experiences. We can be anyone, go anywhere, and explore everything.

    Developing A Creative Process

    Writing requires thought, planning, organization, and language to get the point across. However, the writing process is individualized, and every child needs to find an approach that suits them.


    Writing provides all the opportunity to develop their “voice”, opinions, and point-of-view about the world around them. Finding your Voice strengthens self-confidence.

    Your child will...

    Meet a writing mentor

    Get a writing mentor with education, artistic and creative backgrounds to help your child on a personal project or undertaking. Get one-on-one guidance and figure out your writing process.

    Discover their writing style

    The writing process doesn’t start with pen to paper, so why do we expect students to write on command? Join workshop and courses that take students through the entire writing process, from start to finish.

    Create a writing community

    Our writers meet more than weekly. They meet daily on our Private Online Community Meet Up. Start a project with a writing pal on the other side of the world. Lead a writing group. Share feedback, inspiration and make friends.

    Be interest & passion-led

    Focus on students' interests and passions and have them guide the process – write a story, create a website/blog, start a business, or all of the above. We let them pursue their interest, and skill-building, writing, and learning follow.

    Open their mind

    The best writers write about what they know, and that is where we start; but children also need exposure to new ideas, experiences, and opinions. They should challenge others' ideas and be challenged themselves in a safe community.

    Have individual agency

    Our writers are at the head of building our community. They shape the online community, they provide us with suggestions for courses and workshops, and they lead in their own learning and writing progress.

    What we do

    Writers' 45

    • Daily 45-minute Zoom sessions
    • Build writing endurance
    • Let imaginations run wild


    • Collaborate worldwide
    • Meet creative needs
    • Shaped by the students


    • Personalized Mentoring
    • Student, interest & passion-led
    • Flexible project lengths

    This is the way…

    First Month Community Membership FREE

    Creative's Community

    $ 60 Monthly
    • Unlimited Daily Writer's 45 workshops
    • Community Discord
    • Weekly Feedback

    Project Mentorship

    $ 250 Monthly
    • Unlimited Daily Writer's 45 Workshops
    • Community Discord
    • Project Plan & Sequence
    • Personal Mentorship Channel
    • Fortnightly Zoom Session
    • Fortnightly Student & Parent Check-ins
    • Weekly Feedback

    Capstone Project

    $ 500 Monthly
    • Unlimited Daily Writer's 45 Workshops
    • Community Discord
    • Project Plan & Sequence
    • Personal Mentorship Channel
    • Weekly Zoom Session
    • Weekly Student, Parent Check-ins
    • Unlimited Feedback