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It's not a writing class!

Writers become better by writing more.  Focusing on writing about interests and passions. And working with a mentor.

My own experience has shown this to be true. Giving kids the freedom and space to focus on their interests and passions improves their writing, creativity, research and other skills, too. Learn more about how Writers’ 45 Workshops helps kids. 

Why choose Creative Genesis

Unleash Imagination

Boost imagination, creativity, and problem-solving through diverse writing exercises.


Empower kids to develop and confidently express their unique viewpoints.

Developing A Creative Process

Every writer & creator is unique. We guide them in finding their bespoke process through play & passions.

Find Your Voice

Encourage self-expression and help them navigate the world with a strengthened voice.


Creative Genesis Anthology 2023

Student Anthology 2023

Check out the amazing works of our writers. Available now in all formats; PDF, eBook & hardcover.

Creative Genesis YouTube

Prompt Library

The Prompt Library is  45ers’ one-stop shop for creative inspiration. Prompts released weekly.

The Blog

Brianne is dedicated to regular blog posts sharing her observations and insights from working with creative kids.

Millie's Blog

Adventures of a Young Naturalist Blog

"Millie tested 8th grade in her reading and writing (she’s currently 5th grade)... I truly believe all her scores are attributable to her time with Brianne. Before CG, I couldn’t get her to write at all. She loves it now."

What do our members say...

  • We joined 4 months ago after our friends highly recommended this program as a great resource for kids’ creativity and imagination. Right away the Creative Genesis became the most loved program of our son, who is 13 yo and loves working on his projects. During these four months he completed 200 pages comic book, started his YouTube channel and made a lot of digital designs for his online store. We are so thankful that Brianne runs this program for kids even she has full schedule as a professional writer. We feel really lucky and blessed :)))

    Jane Alstatt Avatar Jane Alstatt
    December 6, 2023
  • My son is 13 years old and has struggled in main stream school with the way in which the curriculum is taught. Brianne from Creative Genesis has been such a gift to us. Brianne spends a lot of time getting to know her students, finding their strengths and interests and using these to engage them in creating in many different ways. The sessions are fun and the students are able to interact with other children from all over the world which is something in itself. We have had feedback from teachers at school about my sons wonderful ability to... read more

    Nicole Vernall Avatar Nicole Vernall
    February 4, 2023
  • My 11 year old son enjoys writing and has already published a children's book. It took him about 3 years to finish it. He is working on his second book so when I heard that Creative Genesis had a class that was not the typical type of writing class I was excited to look into it. I thought that it might be able to help my son finish his second book faster, giving him more ideas. The class is not only extremely fun but introduced different styles of writing like choose your own adventure, text message style, comics, writing from... read more

    Tina Freeman Avatar Tina Freeman
    December 22, 2022
  • Creative Genesis and Brianne Wragg have been an inspiration for my ten-year-old daughter. Writing was not something she was interested in, and certainly not something she would ever choose to do. Now she looks forward with enthusiasm to her Creative Genesis sessions, writes for fun on her own, and has started a blog. Creative Genesis is a place to be creative, support each other’s writing and have fun. Five stars.

    Ellen Small Avatar Ellen Small
    November 11, 2022
  • Brianne, at Creative Genesis, has been a true gift to our family. Our son went from being an unenthusiastic writer to getting ready for class 30 minutes early. He is learning more flexible thinking, has a creative outlet for his ideas, and has improved his writing. The students with whom he interacts are supportive and kind.

    Moira Hanna Avatar Moira Hanna
    November 3, 2022


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